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Wall treatment by injection – Rising damp is due to water absorbed by capillary action. The more numerous and thinner capillaries are, the higher the absorption and rising damp will be. The humidity level also depends on the evaporation possibility and the thickness of the walls. In most cases, it is in the corners, at the junction of two walls, that the rising damp is most present.

Walls are dried and protected against rising damp by injection of the CAPILASIL solutions (aqueous or solvent phase) that forms a hydrophobic barrier at the bottom of the walls. There is also a special product for old stables where the walls contain nitrates (> 4% and < 8%).


The CAPILASIL solutions are applied by means of an injection pump (rental possible), and according to a specific protocol.

Treatments applied more than 30 years ago behave perfectly even today, which allows us to say that injections carried out in accordance with professional standards are likely to be effective and to give very positive results for the whole building’s lifespan.

Injection d'hydrofuge Capilasil
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The CAPILASIL solutions, in solvent or aqueous form, are based on oligomeric siloxane with a 10% concentration of active material based on a 100% concentrate. This product has a water-repellent action, an excellent penetrating power and a very good activity, even in the presence of harmful salt (urea).

The consumption ranges from 1.5 to 2 liters per running meter and 10 cm thickness.


The CAPILASIL solutions are available in cans of 5 and 25 liters.

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