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Surface Moisture

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Protection of façades by impregnation – The most important thing with our water-repellents for surface treatment is to make façades waterproof while keeping their water vapor permeability. The CAPILASIL solutions leave most pores open; their formulation is therefore outstanding. The CAPILASIL solutions include various products that are adapted to each type of support that you wish to waterproof: bricks, concrete, blue stone… and even wood! There is also a water-based water-repellent.



  • Protects the exterior walls from heavy rain.
  • Prevents from damage due to frost and therefore the danger of cracks.
  • Materials continue to breathe; no moisture due to condensation on the inside.
  • Heating economy. Dry materials have better thermal insulation properties than wet materials.
  • No efflorescence.
  • Decrease of moss or mold growth.
  • Facades remain clean.


The CAPILASIL solutions dedicated to surface moisture proofing can easily be sprayed or applied with a brush, from bottom to top.
BEAL’s technical team recommends in most cases an application with layers “fresh on fresh” to get a better product penetration. The second layer indeed pushes the first on deeper into the support. This is the penetration depth that will ensure a long lifespan to the treatment.

Imprégnation de briques avec hydrofuge Capilasil
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The formulations of the CAPILASIL solutions vary depending on the nature and porosity of the support. Furthermore, the CAPILASIL solutions offer a suitable answer, no matter the type of environnement which they’re applied in, whether it’s wet or dry. Do not hesitate to contact us to work out a fitting solution. Consumption: 1 l/1-3 m² masonry (clay bricks) and 1 l/3-6 m² concrete. Product tested by B.B.R.I. in the context of surface moisture proofing (Report HD-340/133-83).


All water-repellents of the CAPILASIL solutions are available in cans of 5 and 25 liters.

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