Exclusive Terrazzo
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Characteristics of Bealstone

Incredible combinations

Combinations with such materials are numerous and allow a precise and distinctive customization. From shell or metal pieces to shards of glass or mirrors, these are some examples of what can be used to give BEALSTONE a magnificent look. Preselected aggregates are available for BEALSTONE but you can also use stones or other substances from your area.

A Customized Continuous Coating

BEALSTONE can be placed everywhere to form a hard-wearing coating without joints, providing in this way a continuous look depending on the support.

DNA of Beauty

BEALSTONE has in its DNA “terrazzo”, “cocciopesto” and “granito” genes as well as genes of all coatings based on stones that are contained in a mortar. BEALSTONE is applied on a thin layer and can now be used to cover both walls and floors. BEALSTONE can also be applied on furniture!

A Strong Alliance

BEALSTONE is a coating that gathers various materials together. All its components fuse to form a hard-wearing coating.

A challenge for the imagination

For creative people, BEALSTONE offers a multitude of decorative possibilities both in terms of appearance and destinations: sinks, bathrooms, floors, tables, worktops,…

Rediscovered splendor

Today, “terrazzo” floors can be renovated thanks to the large range of aggregates that can be integrated into BEALSTONE, a precise pigmentation in the mass and the applicator’s know-how. Old coatings from the Art Deco period can be restored in a way that is almost identical to the original, whereby they recover their beauty.

Technical performances


High technical resistance combined with hard-wearing aggregates for a finished material with unparalleled lifetime.


Adheres to a variety of supports.

Fine thickness

A thickness from 2 mm to several centimeters, which can be adapted to every project.

Extensive range of shades and looks

A neutral basis very close to pure white, which can be pigmented in the mass, and many possibilities of combinations with aggregates allow endless appearances.

Dry and/or wet sanding

Possibility of dry sanding for an easy work on a thin thickness and less collateral damage.