Naturale calce
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Lime has been used for centuries in construction. Lime’s highest quality is its high water vapor permeability, which allows to significantly reduce humidity, and condensation problems in old buildings, and therefore mainly in renovations. Lime-based coatings are “living”. They adapt to their environment and their tint changes according to the humidity rate. Its decorative rendering is unique and no other binder can absorb moisture so well, allowing to often have an equal indoor humidity. It patinates and ages extremely well.

Hydrated lime

Air lime (also called hydrated lime) hardens with the carbon dioxide (CO2) of the atmosphere. It offers solutions for homes, gardens or the industry. At BEAL, you will find pure air lime in the form of paste and powder to make your own mixes. Different “ready-to-use” lime-based products are also available: paints, thin coatings of the stucco type, marmorino, etc. and a BEAL manufactured tadelakt (Tadbealakt) without resin, cement nor clinkers.

Natural hydraulic lime

Natural hydraulic lime makes its first hardening in a few hours, in contact with water, hence its name. Then follows a second hardening by carbonation with the CO2 from the air. Hydraulic lime is a real building lime. BEAL offers both a binder of natural hydraulic lime NHL 2, 3.5 and 5 (the number indicates its degree of hydraulicity) to make your own mortars, and “ready to use” solutions adapted to different types of application: screeding, clean-up, insulation, finishing… Our natural limes are of Italian, French and Belgian origins (including Unilit, Socli, Carmeuse…).