The MORTEX® coating microcement is the coating of choice for those who wish to combine technicality, originality, personality and aesthetics.

Used as much for its technical qualities as for the advantages it brings in decoration, it offers interior and exterior design projects a mineral appearance reminiscent of microcement, micro-topping or even “Tadelakt”.

Thanks to its thinness and impermeability, the MORTEX® mineral micro-mortar molds to any shape, adapts to your surfaces and offers an incomparable look to your showers, floors, pools, stairs and furniture, both indoors and outdoors. With The MORTEXmicro-topping®, bring your most creative ideas to life.

Discover our inspirations

MORTEX®, the reference for your microcement projects

Immerse yourself in the world of MORTEX® multi-surface and multifunctional coating for your floor, walls, stairs, bathrooms, furniture or pools? We provide endless possibilities to bring your projects to life.


MORTEX® microcement throughout the house

The MORTEX® microcement coating adapts to your technical constraints in order to fulfil all your desires.

MORTEX® micro-topping, a natural choice for your decoration


Build, renovate and decorate with MORTEX® microcement

Thanks to its resistance, flexibility, thinness and outstanding adhesion, MORTEX® coating offers a unique microcement aspect, neutral or coloured, to all your surfaces. It can be applied to your floors, walls, furniture, showers or pools and can be adapted to all kinds of technical constraints. If you want to avoid the tedious work of demolition, MORTEX® micro-topping can cover existing tiles. Do you want underfloor heating? It is possible!


MORTEX® microcement, a solution that is both technical and aesthetic

The MORTEX® coating offers incomparable technical solutions. For over 30 years, it has been one of the favourite products among architects and decorators who love the microcement effect. Trade magazines and design personalities alike recommend the MORTEX® coating for creating seamless surfaces and elegant, modern spaces.


With the MORTEX® micro-topping, give free rein to your creativity

Colours, shades, shapes, textures, effects… Everything is possible! Thanks to its neutral base that can be pigmented in the mass and the different application methods, the MORTEX® coloured microcement allows unlimited renderings for your bathrooms, floors, living rooms and exteriors. Get the result you’ve been dreaming of.

The MORTEX® microcement beautifies all your spaces


A recognizable retail space

Give your store or restaurant a Æmicrocement?Ø look and an atmosphere that suits you.

A recognizable retail space

A house that suits you

Create the ideal cocoon for your family and settle in a place where life is good thanks to micro-topping.

A house that suits you

An outstanding exterior

Reveal the potential of your exterior with the rendering of microcement and make it a place you’ll want to enjoy.

An outstanding exterior

Creations without restraint

Express your creativity with the endless possibilities of the MORTEX® microcement: furniture, decorative objects or works of art, you are free to create everything!

Creations without restraint

The incomparable benefits of the MORTEX® microcement



The MORTEX® multi-surface coating is ideal for all projects in contact with water because it is waterproof in the mass. Italian-style showers, bathtubs, hammams, ponds or even swimming pools are reinvented with a neutral or colored Æ”microcement” look.



The MORTEX® coating offers unparalleled durability to your surfaces. With such high compressive strength and abrasion resistance, you can enjoy your installations for a long time.



Thanks to its exceptional adhesion, The MORTEX® “microcement” aspect coating adapts to your interior and can be used on a multitude of surfaces and supports (mineral, tiles, MDF?).

Thin thickness

Thin thickness

The MORTEX® multi-surface coating offers great satisfaction on the worksite thanks to its thin thickness, which makes it an essential asset for renovation. Its application in thin layers allows to use only little product and numerous renderings are possible according to the chosen installation technique.



The neutral base of MORTEX® “microcement” style coating is pigmentable in the mass and offers numerous possibilities of effects for unlimited colours and rendering.



The MORTEX® microcement coating provides the benefit of being smooth and adaptable to the flexibility of common building materials.



The MORTEX® is made in Belgium and composed of 95% of natural ingredients sourced in Europe. Its formula is neutral and can be pigmented by the craftsman directly on site, which allows a more ecological transport and avoids product losses.



The MORTEX® coating stands out from all other microcement solutions on the market thanks to

The MORTEX® microcement, the outstanding asset of worksites

Discover the latest public projects carried out with MORTEX® coating.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, under the following conditions:
    – The mineral support (concrete block, rough concrete walls) or cementing material must be in perfect condition, clean and sound and not detached.
    – If it leaks, it is likely to experience failures which may be due to ageing or cracks caused by movement.
    – If it is only a problem of cracks, filling them with our MORTEX RAPID + product may be sufficient.
    – The French degree (water hardness) is also important to know.

    The MORTEX COLOR 2-N product can be suitable under these precautions. Use in three coats of 1 to 1.5 mm applied with a brush in crossed layers.
    Be careful, the minimum thickness of the groove left by the brush must be at least 1 mm thick.
    Your pond must be made of concrete or cement blocks. It must be clean and healthy. The structure must be stable to prevent any cracks from appearing.

    The product can be used for ponds with freshwater ornamental fish.

    Attention: the MORTEX COLOR 2-N product has not been tested for “drinking water”.

  • Many bathtubs have been successfully made,
    However, we do not recommend this type of construction for various reasons.

  • On request, Beal can recommend the most qualified applicators in your area. To do this, please complete the application form on our website. (LINK)
    The applicators in our list have proven their competence through several perfectly executed projects. Of course, this list is indicative, non-exhaustive, and is continuously updated according to the feedbacks from the projects.
    Before starting your work, we advise you to always ask your applicator for a sample including the protection to see the rendering of the product and to check that it perfectly corresponds to your expectations. Effects and shades can be expected after the product is applied.
    As a reminder, please specify beforehand the use of the room in order to receive the best advice from your applicator.

Your microcement project, our solutions


You have ideas, but you would like help to put them into practice? We are here to help!

  • Our experts will inform you about the practical issues relating to the MORTEX® multisurface coating. 
  • Our specialists will advise you on the specific technical requirements of your work. 
  • Our team recommends trained appliers so that you can use highly qualified people.

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MORTEX® microcement all over the house

The MORTEX® coating of microcement type adapts to your technical constraints so as to fulfill all your desires.


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