Used for centuries throughout the world, natural lime is a safe bet for renovation and construction projects.

This age-old, environmentally friendly binder is highly versatile and can be used for both structural work and indoor and outdoor wall finishes.

Natural limes are an ecological solution for sophisticated renovation projects, whether for listed or unlisted buildings. With paints and coatings with unique renderings and a wide range of colours, give free rein to your desires and choose the rendering that matches your preferences

Lime, a binder that has proven itself for thousands of year

With flexibility and ease of application, limes give rooms a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Discover how to take advantage of the many benefits of natural lime in your renovation and construction projects.


The benefits of lime



Lime is a material whose greatest advantage is its water vapour permeability, which far exceeds that of any other binder. Lime greatly reduces moisture and condensation problems in old and new buildings, making it a great asset in renovation projects. Its ability to absorb moisture generally results in stable humidity levels.



Lime is a resistant material that suffers less long-term damage than ordinary cement. It is therefore less costly over time because it requires little or no renovation work. Thanks to its permeability and its ability to regulate humidity, it also allows walls to remain dry. The result: better energy performance and energy savings for heating the building.

Long lasting

Long lasting

Lime is a natural and ecological product. Lime-based coatings are “alive” and adapt to their environment. Lime develops a patina over time and its colour changes according to the humidity level. It is a material that ages extremely well from both an aesthetic and functional point of view. Both fireproof and water vapour permeable, lime protects walls and facades from bad weather over the long term.



Lime is used in a wide variety of projects and is suitable for many building materials. Thanks to its flexibility and resistance, it is ideal for both old and new buildings. It does not damage other materials with which it is in contact (wood, stone, brick).



Lime is pigmentable in the mass and can therefore be colored in an infinite number of shades for indoor and outdoor projects. A variety of renderings are also possible depending on the application.

The natural aerial lime



Aerial lime (or “hydrated lime”) is particularly adapted to dry environments. Its setting in the air is done by carbonation, with the absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) present in the atmosphere. It is obtained from a very pure limestone.



Aerial lime is mainly used for interior finishing or painting. It is particularly well suited to the renovation of stone or earthen walls in old buildings. Plasters based on this lime are ideal for creating all types of finishes.


Our aerial lime products

We offer pure aerial lime in paste and powder form to make your own mixes. We also offer various ready-to-use products based on aerial lime : paints, fine coatings such as stucco or marmorino and a tadelakt that we have designed, the “Tadbealakt” (without resin, cement or clinkers).

Natural hydraulic lime



Natural hydraulic lime is a real construction lime. It first sets in a few hours in contact with water. A second setting then takes place by carbonation with CO2 from the air.



Hydraulic lime is mainly used for exterior masonry. It is also chosen for interior renovations for wet rooms (bathrooms) and underground walls (cellars). It can be applied almost anywhere, even on porous surfaces. It is highly resistant to impact and bad weather conditions.


Our hydraulic lime products

We offer natural hydraulic limes in NHL 2, 3.5 and 5 (degree of hydraulicity) to make your own mortars. We also offer ready-to-use solutions adapted to different types of applications: patching, renovation, insulation, finishing, etc.

Our natural limes are of all origins (Italian, French, Belgian, etc.) and some ready-to-use products are made from our own formulations.

Areas of application

Choose natural lime and meet the challenge of your renovation projects with an ecological material.

A safe bet for renovation projects

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