Since 1980, BEAL manufactures its own products to solve different moisture problems, but also other specific problems in the Construction industry. Always at the forefront of innovation, we produce effective quality products. BEAL has ideas and projects that get off the beaten track, which makes plans for the future.

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We distribute our own products as well as other ones that we carefully select from our partners-suppliers in order to offer a complete range of solutions to the Construction and Civil Engineering Industries.

We are distributing in our area and ensuring the distribution in various European countries (the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, France…), in North Africa and Asia through independent retailers and specialized distribution groups, which all benefit from a high quality technical service. Products can also be sent to other countries, directly from the factory.

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For the ongoing purposes of a successful application of our products, follow-up, quality, constant improvement and contacts with our customers, we provide training sessions for the application of our products in our training centers as well as at our partners’ premises. Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced field professionals who share the company’s philosophy and pass on the values ​​and techniques that are necessary to manage our products during the courses and training sessions they give. This proximity is part of the continuous improvement of products and techniques, both by solving problems encountered on the field, and according to the market development.

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An experience of more than forty years and a team of specialists give professional answers to the different questions of the trades involved in the resolution of specific problems of the construction industry, the selection of appropriate products meeting very specific needs as well as technical support for professionals when applying the product or finding an appropriate solution.

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