A Long-Term Vision

Being a benchmark in technical products and services for the construction, renovation, decoration, design and craftsmanship through product brands/lines and through our own stores and/or our network of specialized partners. Managing the entire production line to ensure total control and an impeccable quality of all productions.

Our Core Values

Centre de formation Beal

Innovation at the Center of the Manufacturing Process

Innovation allows BEAL to develop its product lines while providing customer and dealer-oriented solutions.

Family as a Sustainable Foundation

BEAL's family values help to keep trade relations simple and a proximity to customers, dealers, suppliers and employees.

Petit bassin en Mortex

Transparency as a Vehicle for Trust

A transparent company as regards its sales and manufacturing processes, its collaborations with dealers and its relations with customers.

The idea is not to sell for the purpose of selling but to sell in order to last.
Bernard Thiry
CEO Beal International

Responsible and Sustainable Development

In all our decisions, we make sure to take into account the 3 main challenges of sustainable development:


The versatility and possibilities of renderings of the products, once acquired and mastered, offer to each applicator the possibility to take advantage of an individualized added value on their labor.


We do not favor any products from countries and/or organizations that did not recognize the human and/or children rights even though these products have profitability potentials that are significantly superior to others. We also strive to invest in local development, not only through employment of local workforce but also through our own on-site training service that provides professionals with the necessary skills to correctly apply our products.


Productions and research funded by our development are oriented towards resource-saving, environmentally friendly and user-friendly products. Moreover, all our waste is sorted and disposed of in recommended companies to allow maximum recycling and a mastered impact on our environment.