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1. Is a private individual able to make his own Bealstone?

Regarding the application itself, a private individual could do his own BEALSTONE on small surfaces. However, in practice, for larger areas, it is not always feasible. BEALSTONE requires indeed special and very expensive tools (rotary sander with diamond disks) that quite often only professionals possess.

2. MX02 – What are the different MORTEX® systems?



+ 2 technical layers MC2-N

+ optional finishing in F1 or F2

+ Bipur varnish (matt, gloss or satin) or Polythane varnish (matt or gloss) or OIL OH TR oil and Bealwax, or …



+ 1 technical layer MC2-N

+ optional finishing in F1 or F2

+ Bipur varnish (matt, gloss or satin) or Polythane varnish (matt or gloss) or OIL OH TR, or …



+ MC2-F1 or MC2-F2 (for a look similar to the technical or the semi-technical system) or MC2-F3 or F4 or MC2N + MC2N or MC2N + MC2F1, etc…

+ Bipur varnish (matt, gloss or satin) or Polythane varnish (matt or gloss) or OIL OH TR or soap Finish SA TR or oil-repellent Repeloil, or …


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3. Is it possible to use Bealstone as a coating for a pool?

BEALSTONE was not designed for this purpose. BEAL does not guarantee an application that was not done according to the application procedure, but studies are in progress on this subject.

4. MX03 – How much does the MORTEX® coating cost?


Products price and installation*

Products price and installation*


90-130€ vat excl.

100-155€ vat incl.

Semi- Technical

70-90€ vat excl.

85-100€ vat incl.


From 30€ vat excl.

From 36€ vat incl.



Products price

Products price


29-37€ vat excl.

35-45€ vat incl.

Semi- Technical

15-25€ vat excl.

18-30€ vat incl.


From 7€ vat excl.

From 8.5€ vat incl.

*For classic work of a minimum of 50 m². Smaller jobs are subject to a fixed price. Ref price: Belgian market.

Price of goods: the price evaluation does not include the finish (MC2F) and takes into account the average price of the protections.


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5. What is the difference between a slab, a screed or stabilized soil?

Slab: (wet mix) is armed and is used to stabilize the building. The look is raw and in general unpolished. Cement load: 350 kg/m³
Screed: (Wet mix) is lower in cement, 250 kg/m³, no aggregates but only sand and cement.
Stabilized soil: (dry mix) is even poorer in cement, is rather used, for instance, for paved floors, because it crumbles. Forbidden for MORTEX.

6. MX04 – Is it possible to keep a rest of the MORTEX® product?

If the products are kept in their original, well-sealed packaging and according to the storage conditions recommended in the technical data sheets, you can re-use them for another job.

This is why BEAL sells neutral, uncoloured products.


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7. Where can I find the products of the Mortex range?

You will find a list of all our dealers on the following link: Our points of sale.

8. MX05 – Is it possible to use other products than those in the MORTEX® coating range?

We can never guarantee products foreign to our brand for the simple and good reason that we do not control their manufacturing process.

Incompatibilities may arise directly during mixing, during application and long after application.


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9. Should Mortex be protected?

Mortex behaves as a natural stone (waterproof but micro-poreous on its surface). Therefore, a protection against stains (wine, grease…) is recommended indoor: varnish, oil, etc. In all cases, we recommend tests and samples beforehand to validate the appropriate protection.

10. MX06 – Construction of a swimming pool with a MORTEX®-coating?

Yes, but only via experienced installor who strictly adhere to the POOL application systems.

Please contact our technical department.


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