Head of Marketing & Communication Trilingual


Implementing the service and product strategies. Maximising the quality of the positioning, the turnover and the commercial contribution. Discovering new market and product opportunities. Studying the competition (benchmarking) based on studies ordered and coordinated in advance in order to gather market information, analysing it and anticipating the needs and expectations of customers.


Main tasks :

  • Development and validation of the communication and marketing strategy based on market research and in accordance with the general business strategy.
  • Defining the budget for communication and marketing actions and monitoring their implementation.
  • Developing and implementing the company’s internal and external communication and marketing plans.
  • Taking on an advisory and supporting role for the general management in the context of its mission, but also in the event of a crisis.

Administration :

  • Managing the available electronic mailbox(es), responding to requests and/or forwarding them to the concerned department and ensuring follow-up.
  • Answering phone calls and informing or redirecting customers to the concerned department.
  • Setting up precise budgets.

Communication :

  • Developing and implementing the commercial strategy and visual identity of the company and different groups of products.
  • Monitoring the company’s reputation, including online.
  • Setting up PULL campaigns.
  • Managing contacts with communication service providers.
  • Supervising website management, social network management and Internet presence.
  • Monitoring and analysing Beal’s image, positioning, commercial actions and product offering, market (demand) and industry (supply).
  • Making effective use of the many forms of support for companies (AWEX, BEP, etc.) in a spirit of cooperation.

Group management :

  • Motivating and organizing the team to obtain high quality results.
  • Managing and ensuring the well-being of the staff and life in the company
  • Showing management skills related to the activities and the strengthening of the team spirit.
  • In case of problems, taking on the leadership role and guiding the organisation on the way to success.

Documentation :

·         Updating and making available all the documentation (technical sheets, publicity, product catalogues, Excel sheet with customer orders, etc.), in different languages and in collaboration with the various departments involved.

Desk and fairs :

·         Providing commercial support, where necessary.

·         Representing the company outside of work.

·         Supervising the events organised by the company as part of its communication missions (fairs, seminars, etc.).

Software used :

Internal management system, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word, Adobe, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, IOS, Photoshop…


    • Knowledge of languages (French/English/Dutch), both spoken and written
    • Knowledge of the tools and methods of communication and marketing
    • Being able to be a team leader
    • Ability to respond to unforeseen circumstances
    • Easy communication
    • Willing to travel
    • Assessing priorities and organising emergencies
    • Having a developed sense of the commercial and artistic
    • Keeping abreast of new technologies and changes in design and decoration
    • Working with multidisciplinary teams
    • Solution-oriented thinking
    • A good appearance
    • Qualities in interaction: willingness to listen, diplomacy, psychological insight and patience.
    • Stress resistant

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