The new tea-room of the Maison Dandoy


Work details

The worksite

  • Renovation of one Maison Dandoy “Tea-Room” store, 14 rue Charles Buls, 1000 Brussels
  • Design : Base Design
  • Architect: Olivier Hannaert, AS BUILT Architects
  • Craftsman: Harun Kavak, Best Decor
  • Material used: BEALSTONE range?, Beal International

BEALSTONE®, the “signature” element of the Maison Dandoy boutiques

From the very beginning of the renovation of its emblematic addresses, Maison Dandoy chose Terrazzo as its preferred material. A core component in the design of the premises, this type of coating has become a true signature for these boutiques over the course of the projects. Initially used only for the creation of a counter, the team wanted to highlight this material even more for its address on Charles Buls Street.

By using it on a larger scale, Maison Dandoy also wanted to take fuller advantage of the customisation possibilities that this system offered and take advantage of its adaptability and resistance. Counters, stairs, floors on two levels, toilets and washbasins: all these components were this time also realised in a “Terrazzo” style.

The BEALSTONE® System: personality, adaptability and aesthetics

The BEALSTONE® product was chosen by the architect in charge of the project, Olivier Hannaert. For Julie Capiau, Retail Manager at Maison Dandoy, the choice was also obvious: “The BEALSTONE® solution allows for a great deal of customization, as it is available in an infinite number of colours. This allowed us to create a look and feel that really embodied our desires. Being able to use it on floors as well as other surfaces was also key, as we were able to design a beautiful custom countertop that blended in perfectly with the rest of the decor and fixtures we chose. It definitely helped give our store that unique feel. We also liked the idea of combining the BEALSTONE® system with other materials, especially wood. It looks great! BEALSTONE® is also very easy to maintain, which was not negligible to ensure the comfort of our teams in stores.”

A large-scale project for a prestigious result

For the installation of the BEALSTONE® system, the architect who imagined the premises called on Harun Kavak (Best DÇcor), an independent craftsman trained by BEAL International and a specialist in these products. Together, they evaluated different samples to find the perfect combination for the project moodboard. The colours, the type of aggregate, their granularity… everything was chosen specifically for this renovation, which explains its unique result.