• A few words about CAPILASIL® water repellents

    The CAPILASIL® range is a range of water repellents in aqueous and/or solvent phase.
    CAPILASIL® water repellents are products based on oligomeric siloxanes in the form of very small molecules. These molecules therefore do not tend to block the pores. The most concentrated solution (10% active ingredients based on a 100% concentrate) only clogs the pores at a rate of 2%, which is perfectly negligible.
    For solvent-based CAPILASIL®, always be careful not to come in contact with materials sensitive to solvents (insulation, roofing, asphalt, etc…).
    CAPILASIL® in aqueous phase are to be avoided on already water-repellent surfaces, as the product is repellent to any waterproofed support.
    Substrates must be dry before treatment for ideal penetration.
    Spraying the product is not recommended (especially for solvent-based products). The water or organic solvents contained in these products will tend to evaporate and, consequently, will not perfectly play their role within the walls. In fact, water or solvents are the “transport” agents of the active ingredients that are essential in the substrate to allow an excellent diffusion, which will always be the basis of a perfectly successful treatment.
    This is why we use heavy organic solvents (mostly aromatic ones) in solvent solutions, which, thanks to their slow evaporation, help the product to diffuse well into the support. This is an additional advantage for an efficient treatment.