• Can the MORTEX coating be applied to furniture ?

    Furniture: INTERIOR application of MORTEX coating on wood panels.
    This technique is not suitable for showers, steam rooms, wet areas or similar.
    Please note: depending on the thickness of the MORTEX coating, the size of the surfaces to be covered and the way it is assembled, the same number of coats may be required on the front and back of the panels. We always recommend stainless steel screws.

    1. Dusting and cleaning of the surfaces.
    2. Prepare the joints between panels that are to be invisible (see FAQ “MORTEX PANELS”). A reinforcing fabric may not be sufficient. The joint may be marked by bevelling each side of the adjoining panels.
    3. Bevel the outgoing corners with the thickness of the chosen MORTEX product system according to the work’s destination. This will ensure a perfect angle with the material.
    4. Application of the corresponding PRIMER according to the porosity and structure of the panels.
    – RESIDUR for porous surfaces such as MDF (Medium), OSB etc.
    – RESIPACT G for smooth, shiny surfaces that have been sanded beforehand for the PRIMER to adhere.
    5. Application of the chosen MORTEX coating as a first coat.
    6. Make a slight chamfer in the inside corners to avoid water ingress in wet rooms (e.g. bathrooms).
    7. Apply the second coat.
    8. Then apply several layers of protection depending on the purpose of the work and the customer’s choice.
    In case of doubt, please contact us.