• How can we reduce the appearance of cracks due to movement in the MORTEX® coating?

    Always work on a stable, clean and dust-free surface.
    When in doubt, use the BEALTEX reinforcing fabric to be laid in a sandwich (between two layers).
    Fibreglass or our BEALTEX reinforcing fabric does not offer a full guarantee of results, as it will only be able to withstand very slight movements.
    It is the reinforcement mesh (reinforced textile net) that will stretch, taking up the effort of the movement of the support. The MORTEX® product will then experience tensions that may cause several micro cracks instead of one large on the location of the initial crack of the support. The MORTEX® coating is flexible but not elastic.
    It is always difficult to treat live cracks without going through the steps “substrate modification” box. That is why the expansion joints in the MORTEX® coating must always be respected by an expansion seal in the substrate.