• How do I remove the BEALWAX product from the MORTEX® coating?

    If, for one reason or another (e.g. changing the colour of the coating or carrying out a repair), the BEALWAX must be removed, it has to be done with clean, white cotton cloths with a light addition of turpentine. Coloured cloths can fade and cause stains.
    Apply a small amount of turpentine to a specific area and rub the cloth over to remove the wax. Repeat the operation until there is no more wax on the cloth.
    If the MORTEX® product is structured and not perfectly flat, it will not be possible to remove all the BEALWAX in the small cavities. This BEALWAX that is still present will cause a detachment of a MORTEX® coating applied on top of it.
    In this case, we advise you to slightly abrade the entire surface to remove all possible BEALWAX residues. The abraded surface and the direct environment must then be thoroughly cleaned and dusted.
    In order to facilitate the application of the MORTEX® product, a coat of RESIDUR primer must first be applied and allowed to dry.

    The chosen protection will then be applied in accordance with the installation protocol described in the technical data sheets available on www.bealinternational.com .