• How to place the MORTEX® product "material against material" to make a clean and closed joint?

    After laying a part of the floor, for example in one colour, place a Plexiglas strip of the thickness and length of the joint to be created. Fix the batten with dowels. Finish the installation of the MORTEX® coating that will end up against the placed lath.
    24 hours later, lift the lath to separate it from the poured plaster.
    Wait another 24 hours and then use the part already poured as formwork by placing a tape* of sufficient width on it in order to avoid soiling the surface with the new application of MORTEX® product in a different colour. Do not leave the tape* too long to avoid marking. Immediately after placing the tape*, apply the new MORTEX® coating against the old one. After plastering, remove the tape directly.
    At the end of the work, it is advisable to carry out a light polishing on the whole surface and on the created joint between the different colors of MORTEX® products.
    *Use an “ad hoc” tape.