• What type of flexible sealant can be used between BEALSTONE® coatings or between the BEALSTONE® coating and another material?

    A flexible perimeter sealant (e.g. between walls and floors, floors and joinery, etc.) of the MS polymer type (suitable for natural stone and glass) is recommended to compensate for movement due to expansion of the material. The use of a backing foam is recommended.

    These flexible seals do not leave any marks on the BEALSTONE® coating or other materials, unlike conventional silicone. MS Polymer offers the advantage of being watertight. This type of seal is used for joints that are subject to movement (expansion, etc.).

    The flexible seal must be applied before oil protection.
    It is best to stop the BEALSTONE® coating at a distance of 3 mm from the shower tray using a stop profile and then filling the gap with an MS Polymer seal.

    A MS polymer seal must also be fitted around the water inlets (there are no special round edge profiles available for this application).

    The soft seal must be checked and replaced if necessary.

    These 3 types of joints are perfectly suited to withstand conventional cleaning.