• Who manufactures the BEALSTONE® coating?

    Beal is the only manufacturer of the BEALSTONE® product range and has registered the name. We advise you to beware of imitations and counterfeits, as they do not meet the same quality requirements.
    BEAL INTERNATIONAL products, and especially the MORTEX®, BEALSTONE® and CAPILASIL® products are protected products. They meet strict quality standards for which BEAL INTERNATIONAL guarantees results. BEAL INTERNATIONAL is the sole manufacturer of its products.

    The products are distributed by BEAL INTERNATIONAL and its distributors (official and unofficial). The points of sale are available on www.beal.be

    Many competing companies seek to use the reputation of BEAL INTERNATIONAL and its products to mislead the consumer, not hesitating to use deceptive, misleading or disparaging means to market products of much lower quality or without authorisation. Please remain vigilant with regard to any counterfeiting or imitation and, if necessary, inform the management by e-mail via info@beal.be.