As nice as good: welcome to the "Blanco" restaurant"


Work details

The worksite

  • Interior design of the restaurant « Blanco », Keith Haringplein 7, 8300 Knokke-Heist
  • Interior designer: Anthony Boelaert
  • Material used: the MORTEX® range, Beal International

A trendy but timeless decoration

Sitting at the table of the restaurant Blanco, you will taste dishes that marry Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine, but you will also enjoy a sumptuous setting… and highly “Instagrammable”. Definitely one of the unmissable addresses in Knokke-Heist!

The interior design of this restaurant is as unique as its menu and reflects the personality of the owners. Partners in life as well as in this project, David and Céline wanted to create a different space, just like their kitchen. The result: a surprising and contemporary decoration, but one that is impossible to get tired of.

White, but not only

To create a soft, pure and warm atmosphere, decorator Anthony Boulaert used a combination of varying shades of white and a few “nude” tones. Among these, we find a pink textured wall (made with the MORTEX® coating), which brings a touch of femininity and warmth to the room. The whole is energised by a play of materials (drapes, chairs, table linen) and touches of black.

A custom-made bench

In addition to some of the walls, it was also for a strikingly designed custom bench seat that the MORTEX® upholstery was used at Blanco. This curved bench snakes through the space and serves as a seat for several tables. The raw, organic look of the MORTEX® upholstery on this delicately curved piece of furniture offers a decidedly aesthetic result. A realisation that makes a lasting impression and makes all the difference!

Luminous and warm floors

At Blanco, the floors, too, were made with the MORTEX® flooring. The choice of a grey shade brought even more warmth to the restaurant. This colour also reinforces, by contrast, the purity that emerges from the bench and white walls.

The MORTEX® flooring was not chosen for aesthetic reasons alone. Its ease of maintenance, longevity and resistance also make it a material of choice for HORECA spaces.