Thelma, a concept store with its own style


Work details

The worksite

  • Interior design of the “Thelma” concept store, Vaartstraat 12, 3000 Leuven
  • Interior designer: Sophie Peelman
  • Craftsmen: Artic Paints and Rein Art Designs
  • Material used: The BEALSTONE® range, Beal International

The Thelma experience

Thelma is more than a place, it’s a real experience: a place that you visit and enjoy. Both a boutique and a tasting room, you can discover pieces by small designers (clothing, jewelry, decorative objects) and sit down for a coffee.

For this place with an original concept, the owners wanted an equally special decoration. Floors, ceilings and walls have been dressed in white, to offer more light and serenity to the space, while giving it a minimal and sophisticated atmosphere.

Bright and uncluttered

At Thelma, everything is for sale, from the furniture to the clothing collections offered. The white and uncluttered space serves as a showcase for the products and highlights their colours. The objects animate the decor and create an atmosphere that evolves with the seasons.

A component that makes all the difference

One thing is for sure: there is a piece of furniture in this store that leaves no one indifferent! Visible as soon as you walk in the door, the custom-made counter captures all the attention. Designed as the central element of the place, both incredibly aesthetic and very practical, this counter was made with the BEALSTONE® product.

Several samples of the BEALSTONE® system were made to obtain a recipe that perfectly matches the spirit of the store. The result: a pinkish hue, aggregates of different sizes and, above all, the use of pieces of bottles of Stella Artois, a Belgian beer brewed in Leuven. A choice that is not due to chance, since upcycling and Belgian and local consumption are part of the DNA of this concept store.

A technical challenge for an aesthetic result

The realisation of such a custom counter is a technical challenge, since it includes several formworks as well as a refrigerated part. Its rounded design is also complex to achieve, but the result is stunning.

The BEALSTONE® system offers endless possibilities for customisation… the imagination is the only limit! This terrazzo-style countertop is a great example of the type of unique pieces that can be created that make all the difference.