• Description of the basics for injection against rising damp

    Two different CAPILASIL® products for injection as well as for facade protection.
    1. Solvent phase :
    BEAL formulates CAPILASIL® in a solvent phase based on a concentration of active ingredients composed of oligomeric siloxanes (10% concentration) by means of a high quality and high performance, de-aromatised solvent.
    Aromatics are largely eliminated, but some remain.
    The solvent is heavy to allow diffusion to continue after injection. Then the solvent will evaporate and give way to the barrier created by the polymerisation of the oligomeric siloxane system.
    The solvent is the transport agent of the product. It is non-polar so it does not mix with water. Initially, the solvent acts as a barrier and as soon as it evaporates, polymerisation takes place to form the real barrier (the barrier is effective on the day of injection). Any moisture present in the substrate is a factor which accelerates polymerisation.
    Do not use this “solvent” base if solvent-sensitive elements are present in the walls, on the floor and underneath the screed or concrete, etc. In this case, use CAPILASIL HEH2O (water-based).

    Heat (in cold periods) and ventilate the treated areas to evacuate evaporated solvents and humidity still present in the walls. The last aromatics still present in the products are naturally more odorous when heated. Storage heaters will therefore significantly increase the smell of the remaining aromatics (e.g. a cold sauce when heated will release its aromatics).

    The drying time depends on the components of the wall coverings (paint, plaster, lime, cement, tiles, etc.), heating (cold periods) and ventilation. It therefore depends on the inhabitant of the premises.
    In general, for uncovered walls, it takes from 6 months to a year and a half, or even longer. In the early stages of construction sites open to the wind (frames not placed), there was a rapid drying out period of around 2 and a half to three months.

    2. Aqueous phase:
    BEAL formulates CAPILASIL® HEH20 based on siloxanes diluted in water.
    The advantage of this type of product is that it is completely odourless.
    On the other hand, it should be noted that the injection will bring into the substrate a significant quantity of water necessary for the diffusion of the siloxanes. This water will also have to evaporate. Drying process will therefore be much longer than with a solvent-based product whose solvent evaporates more easily. There will also be a formation of additional salts since water is added in large quantities in an alkaline medium.

    The barrier is not effective on the day of injection, but much later. Siloxanes start to polymerise as the water evaporates, therefore slowly. Polymerisation usually begins after one month and more quickly in periods of high heat.
    There is also the risk that in the presence of increased rising damp, the barrier will rise and be diluted before polymerisation has taken place.

    The polymerised siloxanes will then be effective after all the water in the products and walls has evaporated. Drying time depends on the components of the wall coverings (paint, plaster, lime, cement, tiles, etc.), heating (cold periods) and ventilation. It therefore depends on the inhabitant of the premises.
    In general, for walls that are not covered, it takes from 6 months to two years.

    On sites open to the wind (unplaced frames), much faster drying out has been observed. After 10 months, convincing results were observed.


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