• How to remove protection applied by impregnation (oil) from the Mortex® coating?

    If for any reason (e.g. changing the colour of the coating or carrying out a repair) it is necessary to remove this oiled aspect, the best solution is to remove it mechanically (provided that the oil is completely dry) by abrading the treated surface with a diamond disc (grain size between 100 and 150).

    (You can go directly to point 3 if the oil is very hard).

    1. Clean the surface with turpentine and a white cotton cloth to remove as much oil as possible.
    2. Use a vaporetto style steam cleaner to try again to remove as much oil residue as possible.
    3. Abrade/sand the surface so that there are no oil residue left.
    Please note that if any traces of oil remain, the varnish will not adhere to these areas, and the shower will not be waterproof. It is therefore necessary to make sure that everything is removed, which is a rather delicate operation.
    4. Vacuum and clean the surface thoroughly to remove all traces of dust.
    5. After complete drying, apply the chosen protection according to the method recommended by Beal.
    Reservation: after point 3, traces of well dried and hardened oil may remain throughout the surface. The varnish should in principle be able to stick to it, but we have no test in this respect.
    Sanding should normally be done with a diamond disc. This can damage the Mortex. In this case, remove a part of the Mortex coating to a depth of about 0.5 mm. Apply a coat of Mortex Color 2-N followed by a smooth layer of Mortex Color 2-F1.

    If the MORTEX product is structured and not perfectly flat, it will not be possible to remove all the oil from the small cavities without attacking the last layer of MORTEX product.

    We therefore recommend abrading the entire surface until a perfectly flat surface is obtained, without open pores.

    The abraded surface and the direct environment must be cleaned and dusted thoroughly.
    After applying and allowing a coat of RESIDUR primer to dry, a new coat of MORTEX product will be applied to the substrate.

    The latter will be treated, according to the installation protocol, with the chosen protection.
    If fresh oil is present, tests can be carried out with turpentine.