• On which substrates can the MORTEX® coating be applied?

    The substrate must be sound, dry before and after installation, clean, matt, dust-free and non-greasy. It must be hard, non-freezing and non-floury.
    MORTEX® COLOR 2 adheres to a multitude of substrates:
    – Mineral substrates: mortars, screeds, concrete, masonry plaster, cement-based coatings, frosted tiles, etc…
    – Reconstituted wood or water-repellent agglomerated substrates such as MDF (Medium).
    – Polystyrene or polyurethane panels with a reinforced cement coating or fibre cement panels.
    – Plaster, normal or water-repellent plasterboard.
    – Tests on glass and metal have also been successfully carried out.
    For any other substrate, perform tests. Plastic coatings are to be avoided.
    When the substrate is made up of materials of a different nature, unstable and/or with joints (e.g. tiles), it is imperative to take the necessary precautions to avoid, as far as possible, any movement due to expansion, surface and internal tension differences and shearing – please choose from the following options :
    – Reinforcing net or reinforced textile mat at junctions
    – Reinforcement net to be embedded in the 1st technical layer.
    – Special mortar adhesion textile mat in the corners
    – Uncoupling membranes on the entire surface
    It is essential to make sure that the support is stable. In case of doubt, consult us. A test is always advised.