• What protection should be used in a hammam or extreme humidity conditions?

    Choice of the MORTEX® coating protection in extreme humidity conditions:

    There are different types of hammams, wellness spas, Turkish baths, etc…

    In order to choose the right protection for the MORTEX® coating in extreme conditions, a distinction must be made between private and public spaces because the use, maintenance and hygiene standards for each case will be different.

    Hammams are spaces with high temperature and concentrated humidity, with little or forced ventilation. A disadvantage is the rapid proliferation of fungi, hence the importance of a maintenance protocol that is as continuous as possible.
    The use of neutral pH products is recommended for regular cleaning, which should be daily in the case of public spaces. Alkaline pH products can be used for specific, one-off and rapid actions (without leaving deposits on the surface for too long). A preliminary test is always recommended.

    In general, the join between the MORTEX® covering and another material will be made by means of a flexible sealant (special for natural stone and resistant to high temperatures) in order to ensure watertightness if expansion occurs. The absence of a flexible sealant between the Mortex covering and another material can cause a crack or gap after a slight expansion. This will lead to hydration of the material by changing colour under the protection applied and cause subsequent damage.
    This hydration problem of the MORTEX® coating is recurrent if the substrate is damaged and/or the protection deteriorates. The flexible sealant requires regular inspection and must be replaced if necessary.

    On all the proposed protections, a final coat of machine polished BEALwax can be applied. This will give the protection a longer life. This wax layer will be renewed over time depending on use.

    After the cleaning step, a maintenance step with FINISH SA/TR is recommended. In a 5Lt bucket of hot water, mix a handful of FINISH SA/TR and using a cloth or mop apply a coat over the entire area before any new use.

    Bipur :
    Especially suitable for new areas, renovations and transformations, provided that the substrate has not previously been protected with oils, greasy products or water-oil repellent products.
    Cleaning is relatively easy and should always be done using pH-neutral products (e.g. FINISH SA: 1 handful in 5 litres of clean, lukewarm water.

    The best protection is two coats “a fresco” (once dry to the touch) and a third coat at least 12 hours later.
    This protection is ideal for private areas, where the frequency of use is once a week.
    Cleaning should be carried out after each use to prevent the use of acid-based body products from damaging the protection through extended exposure.

    Polythane N 120 :
    More resistant to scratches and chemical attacks than Bi-pur, it behaves in much the same way.
    The disadvantage of the solvent is the very strong and harmful odour during application. An adhesion problem can be caused by negative humidity trapped under the varnish, which would eventually loosen the protection.
    Cleaning must be carried out regularly to prevent the use of acid-based body products from damaging the protection through extended exposure.

    Oïl OH/TR :
    This is the least complicated protection in terms of both application and maintenance. However, it is the one that will require the most continuous cleaning and maintenance.
    A risk of chromatic variation may occur during use. This variation may be due to washing off the protection by temperature and/or water, body perspiration and/or body oils.
    Cleaning should always be done with neutral or high Ph products for the occasional elimination of fungi, followed by a clear water rinse.

    No protection :
    The MORTEX® coating perfectly behaves in this environment, hydrating during use and drying out afterwards.
    There is the risk, and it often happens, that the material will become coloured due to body oils, perspiration and other used products. Gradually, with use, this colouring will become completely homogenised over the entire coating.
    Cleaning should occur daily in case of public areas and after use in private areas. Cleaning should be done by spraying a neutral Ph soap, brushing with a semi-rigid or even rigid bristle brush, leaving to work and rinsing with clear water or with a pressure washer at a distance of 1 m and on specific spots, up to 15 cm (minimum) from the surface.


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