BEAL is constantly organizing trainings for the different application systems of the MORTEX coating. These are aimed at both professionals and individuals who want to learn these techniques and/or develop in specific areas. To access specialization levels, you must have followed the INITIATION training.

Calendar of Mortex trainings


BEAL offers trainings for the BEALSTONE coating, which are currently only for professionals who want to learn about the product.

Calendar of Bealstone trainings


Dealing with moisture problems, it is first of all understand the phenomena that cause it. Beal gives trainings allowing you to acquire the necessary foundation for the implementation of adapted solutions. The courses, currently for professionals only, mainly rely on the principle of water-repellents, the treatment of rising damp and treatments of facades.

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The various trainings on lime and its application techniques that BEAL offers are intended for professionals and given by lime specialists who have been trainers for more than 10 years at the Walloon Heritage Institute and who graduated from the VAN DER KELEN & School of Venice.

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Professional Trainers

Our trainers are highly qualified and experienced field professionals who share the company’s philosophy and pass on the values ​​and techniques that are necessary to manage our products during courses and training sessions they give. This proximity is part of involved in the continuous improvement of the products and techniques, both by solving problems encountered on the field, and according to the market development.

Private Individual? Professional?

Beal organizes trainings for professionals and private individuals. The content of the trainings is identical. Nevertheless, private individuals will benefit from a coaching suiting their lack of technical terms and of practice on site. For professionals, the steps are more detailed. The trainer and the participants will also be able to share their practical knowledge.

To take part in a professional training, you must be a registered professional in the construction industry or coating techniques. To maintain the expected level of the professional training, Beal reserves the right not to accept some applicants. If you work in this industry, you can ask the company that employs you to register you. For a training session to be as effective as possible, you have to choose it according to your abilities. Coater skills are recommended to follow a professional training session.


Do you own a business in the construction industry?

Workers of the Joint Committee 124 (CONSTRUCTION) can benefit from €15 per training hour at MORTEX® trainings! To that end, you simply have to register at the Construction Training Fund (FFC) of your province, see on Registrations at FFC must imperatively be done 10 working days before the training.